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LTC Producer Email Lists

LTC currently has 2 lists: the and .


1. The members' list is a moderated list (meaning a staffer will read ALL posts and regulate which ones go out and which ones do not) for ANNOUNCEMENTS from the staff, the board and members. It is intended for one-way communication that fit into LTC's established rules and procedures (i.e. no commercial content) Some examples might include announcing LTC is closed, production opportunities coming up, or forwarded emails from outside sources that we feel might be of interest to the LTC membership, such as jobs or other activities involving our NPO partners.

2. The members' list is NOT intended for dialog between different parties which can quickly fill the in boxes of everyone subscribed. Therefore posts seeking input that do not include exact information on how to contact the poster, will be limited. Think of the member's list as a locked bulletin board, where you have to meet certain criteria to have your flyer posted and the producer's list as a suggestion box.

3. The producers' list is a completely open forum where anyone can subscribe, post messages, get into conversations, rant, rave and take the conversation wherever they want. It is a forum where people can brainstorm ideas for a show, question current policies, plan out member-driven initiatives, or share resources.

4. The reasoning behind the list separation is to afford LTC members the most choice. The system currently in place allows people to subscribe to one list or both and choose how much mail they receive.


To subscribe to the the LTC MEMBERS list, you can visit this link.

To subscribe to the LTC PRODUCERS list, you can visit this link.