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LTC wants to thank all of our supporters.
Your generous support helps us to serve the Lowell community each and every day!

Executive Producers

City of Lowell

Enterprise Bank


UMASS Lowell

Associate Producers

Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union

Middlesex Community College
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Nana's Embroidery
Titus Plomaritis
Carol Wilson

Friends of LTC

Gary Bergeron
Britton Boughner
Richard Concannon
George & Carol Duncan
Ann Forsythe
Susan Halter
Michael Kern
Jay Linnehan
John Lawlor
Lorraine McQuade
Amsi Morales
Muriel Parseghian
Jack Pinard
Michael Reid
Kathleen Reticker
Phanna Robishaw
Lydia Sisson
Francey Slater
Felicia Sullivan
Craig Thomas
Sean Thibodeau
Mari Weinberg
April White

Big Chris Brown Bag Cafe
Brew'd Awakenings
Espresso Pizza
Friends Restaurant
Kyocera New England
Life Alive
Market St. Market
McDonough Funeral Home
New Asia Restaurant
Olympia Restaurant
Olympos Bakery
Santoro's Pizza
Sweet Lydia's
Time Out Cafe
Viet Thai
Wings Over Lowell
Worthen House Cafe