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Vintage Video at LTC

By jwilson - Posted on 09 September 2013

Before LTC came to be, Lowell had a local news show. Originally produced by Colony Communications, the program began in the mid-1980s and ran until the early 2000s. With support from the Greater Lowell Community Foundation, LTC staff is editing and archiving this coverage of important events of the day.

The videos feature vintage shots of many notable locals, commercials from back in the day when VHS ruled, and an incredible mediated history of Lowell like you haven't seen in decades!

We will be posting short clips on our LTC YouTube page, as well as curating video on Our goal is to create a collection that is easily searchable and free to download for students, historians, and Lowell-philes alike.

We're still in the midst of making this project a reality, but we are planning on hosting an unveiling event in October 2013 to introduce the public to this great resource! Stay tuned for more info.