Are you an artist looking for a venue to showcase your work?

You can book LTC’s art gallery for FREE. Please contact Gloria Polites at 978-364-5154 (email:

Your artwork will decorate our community gallery where hundreds of visitors will be introduced to your work each month.

Please be aware we book the gallery out several months in advance.

You can reserve one evening during your show to host an artists reception free of charge. LTC will promote your event via our email list, website and social networks.

You are responsible for hanging and taking down your artwork. No storage is available on the premises.

See our exhibit schedule below. Currently booking for 2019.


Jan 2018 Tony Sampas Photography
Feb 2018 Laurel McMechan, Deborah Santoro, UML Printmaking Biennial Exhibit
Mar 2018 Laurel McMechan, Deborah Santoro, UML Printmaking Biennial Exhibit
April 2018 Visual Voices-Marta Magnus Lowell Middle School Student Artwork
May 2018 Middlesex Community College Juried Student Exhibit
June 2018 Healing Through Art Lowell General Hospital Program
July 2018 Greg Searle & Stacy Topjian Searle “All in the Family” Pen & Ink & Fractal Art
Aug 2018 Jonathan Stevens Collage of a City
Sept 2018 Diana Caron Oil Paintings
Oct 2018 Judith Bessette Kerouac Exhibit
Nov 2018 Eric J. Nicola Wolfpac’s Art
Dec 2018 Jan 2019 Henry Marte Lost in Iceland – Photography