To strengthen the City of Lowell as a community media and educations center that empowers, connects, and informs all residents, businesses, and organizations in the city.

Our vision: We are the voice of Lowell around the world.

Did you know that the average American watches 14 years worth of television in their lifetime? But did it ever occur to you to ask how much time that same person spends making television? Doesn’t it seem pretty crazy that TV and digital video are the main ways we get information and entertain ourselves but such a small percentage of us actually know how to make our own video?

That’s what LTC is here for – to get all of us average Americans off the couch and BEHIND the camera – calling the shots, telling the stories, and truly communicating with other members of our community.

Ever dreamed of being on TV? Or do you just have something you’d really like to say? Then come to LTC and we can help you make the thought a reality.

Our fully functioning television studios contain top of the line equipment like a green screen (yes, just like the weather reporter uses), digital HD cameras, multi-track audio mixers, and professional studio lighting.

Contribute your voice to the Lowell community on LTC’s Channel 8 Local, Channel 95 Global, and Channel 99 Government. Want to learn more before you step on set? LTC offers classes in studio operation, camera, creative software programs, and web design. These classes will provide you with the necessary tools and valuable skills that will help reach your broadcasting goals. Be free to express yourself and empower your community!

LTC youth media projects are supported by grants from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a State agency. 

For more information about Lowell TeleMedia Center, look at our organizational documents:

The LTC By-Laws LTC LTC By-Laws_071620

The LTC Rules and Procedures Manual

The 2017 Strategic Plan LTC Strategic Plan 2017

The 2020 Annual Report     2020 Annual Report