LTC member producers have access to the facilities, equipment and training they need to create programs that empower, connect, and inform the community. LTC operates two public access channels in Lowell and welcomes programs in any language and genre.

There are four ways that LTC members can broadcast a program on LTC.
Take a class for certification to use LTC portable equipment to shoot video and edit on LTC computers to create a program.
Take a class to learn to use LTC’s professional three-camera TV studios and record a program to edit later or broadcast live from the studio.
Use your own equipment and submit a finished program for broadcast.
Bring in a program that was produced elsewhere for which you have the legal right to put on LTC channels.

If the program is in English, contact Steve Manock, LTC Channel 8 Programmer, for instructions and a time slot:

If the program is in any language other than English, contact Nick Klevisha, LTC Channel 95 Programmer, for instructions and a time slot:

Programs may be any length, but the preferred length is 29 minutes or 59 minutes.

Submit a signed Project Proposal form with your program. The Project Proposal includes information about your program and confirms that you will follow LTC program guidelines. You can find the guidelines in the LTC Rules and Procedures document here.