Phantom_2LTC would like to announce the presence of our eye-in-the-sky, Air LTC!

Our UAS/Quadcopter/Drone is a DJI Phantom 2 with gimbal and GoPro Hero 3+ Black camera attached. The unit has undergone significant upgrades and modifications since purchase to make it as useful and safe as possible for use in the Lowell area.

Our pilot and municipal producer, Geoff Klane, has had extensive practice and is well versed in the operations of the craft.

In the coming months, you will undoubtably be seeing us flying at one or more of the public events/festivals held in our fair city of Lowell. Please feel free to come over and say hello, ask questions, or just enjoy watching, but please wait until our pilot is not flying to speak with him. Operating a UAS/quadcopter/drone requires a significant amount of concentration and as such, it would not be safe to engage in conversation while flying.

If you have any questions about UASs/quadcopters/drones, contact Geoff @ 978.364.5148 or by email @ and he will get back to you as soon as he is able.