What a beautiful night it was!

80 supporters of LTC enjoyed a delicious dinner in Kerouac Park in Downtown Lowell! Dinner in the Park with LTC  featured dinner courses from some of Lowell’s tastiest restaurants including Warp and Weft, Koshari Mama, Purple Carrot Bread Company, Sizzling Kitchen, Lowell Burger Company and Sub Zero Ice Cream. There was live jazz entertainment by Lowell’s own Luna Collective. Check out the photos on www.facebook.com/LTCLowell.



Many thanks to our sponsors:

Dinner Sponsor: Enterprise Bank

Dinner Partners: Greater Lowell Community Foundation, Senior Whole Health, City of Lowell

Dinner Supporters: Lynne Lupien, Lowell Community Health Center, Tola Sok, Gallagher & Cavanaugh, LLC