School Committee & City Council Debates

In the first week of October, LTC and the Lowell Sun teamed up to produce a series of live debates between the candidates running for School Committee and the candidates running for City Council.  As well as these programs being available on You Tube and On Demand at, the debates will replay on channel 8 & 99. See the replay schedule below.

City Council Debate Group #1:  Cory Belanger, Karen Cirillo, Joseph Boyle, Edward Kennedy, Dave Conway

City Council Debate Group #2:  Sokhary Chau, Dan Rourke, Vesna Nuon, Bill Samaras, Dan Finn, Rita Mercier

City Council Debate Group #3: Jim Leary, John Leahy, Rodney Elliott, Matt LaLacheur, Martin Hogan, Robert Gignac

School Committee Debate Group #1: Jackie Doherty, Bob Hoey, Noelle Creegan, Gerry Nutter, Dan Shanahan

School Committee Debate Group #2:  Connie Martin, Andy Descoteaux, Dominik Hok Y Lay, Tim Blake, Dennis Mercier

Candidate Speeches

LTC invited both the School Committee and City Council candidates to record two-minute (approximately) speeches, in their own words.  Not all of the candidates were available to record a speech.  The speeches will be replayed back-to-back on Channel 8 & 99. See the schedule below and can be found on Lowell.

City Council Candidate speeches:

School Committee Candidate speeches:

CNC Candidate Nights

Two City-wide Neighborhood Council Candidate Nights were filmed, October 2 and October 16th.

UTEC Debate

UTEC will tape their own candidates debate on October 21, 2017 and the program will also replay several times. See the schedule below.

Please Note: LTC will not cablecast any election-related advocacy programs within 72 hours of the election. No current election programming will air after November 3, 2017.

Channel 8 Broadcast Schedule

Mondays at 6PM:  Back-to-back School Committee Debates and Candidate Speeches

Tuesdays at 12 noon: Back-to-back CNC Candidate Nights

Tuesdays at 6PM:  Back-to-back City Council Debates and Candidate Speeches

Wednesday at 6PM: Candidate Speeches

Thursdays at 3PM: Candidate Speeches

Friday (11/3) at 10AM: Back-to-back School Committee Debates followed by City Council Debates; Candidate Speeches at 6PM

Saturdays at noon:  Candidate Speeches

Saturdays at 2:30PM: Back-to-back School Committee Debates followed by City Council Debates

Sunday (11/29) at 8PM: Back-to-back CNC Candidate Nights

UTEC Debates:  Wed. 10/25 at 7PM; Thurs. 10/26 at 2PM; Fri. 10/27 at 10AM; Sat. 10/28 at 7:30PM; Sun. 10/29 at 4PM; Mon. 10/30 at 9AM; Wed. 11/1 at 10AM and Fri 11/3 at 9AM

Channel 99 Broadcast Schedule

Mondays at 7AM:  CNC City Council Candidate Night from 10/16;   9AM:  Back-to-back City Council Debates;  5:30PM:  Candidate Speeches

Tuesdays at 10PM:  Back-to-back School Committee Debates

Wednesdays at 11AM:  CNC City Council Candidate Night  from 10/2;  1:30PM:  Candidate Speeches

Thursdays at 2PM:  Back-to-back School Committee Debates

Fridays at 1AM:  Candidate Speeches;  4PM:  CNC City Council Candidate Night from 10/16

Saturdays at 1:00PM: Back-to-back School Committee Debates;  6PM:  CNC City Council Candidate Night  from 10/2

Sundays at 7:00AM:  Back-to-back City Council Debates;  5:00PM:  Back-to-back City Council Debates

UTEC Debates:  Wednesdays at 10PM;  Fridays at 9AM;  Sundays at 1:00PM 

LTC’s Election Programming Policies

LTC provides to all Lowell residents, including those residents running for local, state or national public office or those supporting a ballot issue, equal opportunities for access to training, equipment resources and cable access channel programming time on channels 8 or 95, on a first-come, first-served, non-discriminatory basis.

LTC encourages political candidates to submit programs to Channels 8 and 95 during their election campaigns, and campaign programming will be treated like all other programming. Channel 99, the Municipal Channel, is not considered a public access channel and these policies do not apply to its programming.

All election programming produced by LTC staff during a campaign season will offer equal time for all legal candidates for each position. The purpose of this programming is to educate residents about the candidates and City issues and may include the taping of candidate statements, debates, and forums.