LTC strongly and unequivocally condemns all forms of hate speech; anti-semitic, homophobic, msogoginistic and racist views and opinions. We are appalled to hear the comment made by Mr. Hoey. The comment expressed is not representative of LTC’s values and beliefs. As a community media organization, we empower our members to express their views in alignment with the first amendment.  Opinion shows such as “City Life” are produced independently by our community producers.  Sometimes, the messages transmitted violate our community standards.  When this happens the staff and board of LTC review the recording and determine the best course forward.  In this case, we have pulled the episode from any future re-broadcasting. In addition, we will be addressing the incident with the producer of the show.

LTC is an inclusive environment, we promote diversity and acceptance of all people, orientations, and beliefs. We are committed to protecting targeted groups in our city and valuing our entire diverse community.  We would like to specifically acknowledge the attack on our Jewish neighbors in this incident and pledge to stand in solidarity with you during this challenging time.


Updated Statement 

After further review of the member policies, LTC leadership has suspended the membership of Mr. John McDonough, community producer of City Life, for his guest’s use of an anti-Semitic slur on the show “City Life.” Effective immediately, his LTC membership and all privileges associated with it, including producing new programs for City Life, have been suspended for 90 days. His term on the LTC Board of Directors has been terminated.

The LTC leadership reaffirms our commitment to not allowing our platform to be used to spread anti-Semitism and discriminatory language of any sort. The mission of LTC is to strengthen the City of Lowell as a community media and education center that empowers, connects, and informs all residents, businesses, and organizations in the city. Hatred and discrimination have no place in this mission.