Lowell TeleMedia Center is committed to social justice and human rights. As an inclusive  community media Center, LTC empowers  all Lowell residents to communicate their concerns and advocate for their needs. Its goal is to help build a more fair, peaceful, and compassionate City that supports the participation of residents of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientation, genders, and ability. LTC pledges to examine its own policies and procedures to make sure that it does not participate in systemic racism or discrimination of any kind.

LTC encourages all City residents to join LTC for access to its media equipment, training, and facilities. LTC channels are a free speech venue for sharing community conversations and programming. During the COVID-19 pandemic, LTC offices and studios are closed but we continue to broadcast and stream on our cable TV channels and from our website. LTC staff is eager to help Lowell area residents get their messages out to the community. Please email info@LTC.org for information about how to get started.

Black Lives Matter!