Sharing My Songs – “Goodbye, Fool” 7/20/17

A departure from the four previous songs I’ve shared and not one I originally intended to write. A friend’s musical approach to one of my songs inspired another that went in a very different direction.

Sharing My Songs – “Consider the Lilies of the Field” 7/6/17

The Gospel passage on “Consider the Lilies of the Field” has always inspired and comforted me when life’s varied worries have me down and cause sleepless nights. It bolsters my faith and trust in God’s loving providence.

Sharing My Songs – “The Journey Song” 6/22/17

I was taking a 2-year program in spiritual direction when I wrote this song to express what I had learned about accompanying others on their spiritual journey.

Sharing My Songs – “Friends We Can Count On” 6/8/17

The song I’m sharing in this second podcast is an ode to the “Friends We Can Count On.”

Sharing My Songs – “Time I Gambled on Myself” 5/25/17

My first “Sharing My Songs” podcast, featuring the first song I ever wrote and shared with others, “Time I Gambled on Myself.”